Taters! – How to grow potatoes.

We planted our first early tatties in March but now it’s time to get the maincrop in. Some of our favourite potato varieties are the first and second earlies such as ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Foremost’. Seriously, I can almost taste them now!

There are lots of different ways of growing potatoes but this is a tried and tested method of mine. We love to use comfrey with Biochar and have embellished this rewarding Bob Flowerdew method. We’re planting these tatties in a patch of veg garden which hasn’t been cultivated for a while so off comes the black plastic……
The beds are raised slightly by flicking soil up off the paths and then use some of our wood shavings on the paths to keep the weeds down.

We do a hybrid combination of no-dig and dig gardening here. For first earlies, the holes are 28cm apart and 15cm deep. Maincrop potatoes want to be about the same depth but 38cm apart. In sequence from right to left in the picture (left) we have our first hole which has a pinch of plain char in the bottom, topped with 5 comfrey leaves. The middle hole shows soil placed over the comfrey and char, and the right hole shows a spud sitting on top
ready to be covered with soil.

We then covered the potatoes over again with some carpet and black plastic to stop the weeds germinating and to keep it warm in case of a late frost.
It works well because by the time the potato roots have got past their seat of soil, the comfrey leaves have charged the char up and away they go!

Later as soon as they start bumping their heads on the plastic that will come off. We’ll do a very half-hearted earthing up and then will mulch around them with long comfrey stalks and grass clippings.
Once the main crops potatoes are harvested, we’ll plant garlic in between the comfrey straws. This is how the garlic I planted last October in this way is looking now….

Weed free right!?! And, because the Biochar doesn’t degrade and got mixed into the soil with
the harvesting of the tatties, the garlic benefits from it too!

So grab some spuds and get growing! We guarantee that you’ll never taste a more delicious potato than one youve harvested fresh from your garden.

We have both charged and uncharted biochar available in 20 & 50L bags. Just call the office and we can arrange some to be left out for you or for local delivery.


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