Melcourt Sylvamix Natural compost

What do we all like?

A good recommendation!

When I was looking for a compost to grow our vegetables and edibles in I was delighted when I got one.

Our Jane, who does all the SIWW timber movements, payments and event organising, uses Melcourt Sylvamix composts. Jane is incredibly keen on her garden. I also have historical links with this brand too, aware of it’s success in large scale nursery production.

I decided to look into it again as something I could grow consistent quality edibles and perennials in and as a growing media that every gardener at home would enjoy using.

It was also important to choose a compost that complimented our SIWW ethics of beautiful and natural sustainability. The Melcourt Sylvamix Natural compost is Soil Association approved, peat-free and perfect for growing ornamentals and food crops.

With timber at the heart of our business the thing that tickled me most about this compost is that it contains Melcourt Growbark® Pine and Melcourt Growbark® Mixed Conifer, both UK sourced and by-products of the forestry industry. It also contains a low percentage of green compost (UK sourced) and coir.

As well as that massive tick in the box I also wanted my compost to physically support my plants, provide nutrition and have a good water holding capacity without sitting wet. Picky / demanding? Maybe I just know how I like my tea!

The air-filled porosity is 25% and the moisture content by weight is 50%. This provides an excellent air to water ratio which is critical for healthy growth. The open structure of the compost makes it really easy to divide plants growing in containers too.

The pH is 6.5; ever so slightly on the acid side of the scale. This is the pH that many of our general garden plants are happy growing in. It’s also the pH at which most macro and micro nutrients are commonly available for uptake by roots.

This compost has an approved organic timed release fertiliser incorporated which will effectively last the first 4 – 6 weeks of growth. I have successfully supplemented this with feeds of liquid seaweed extract through the growing season.

I like the fact that it re-wets easily and the surface dries but stays friable with no capping. This helps prevent moss and liverwort growth.

This compost has been tried and tested under a wide range of conditions in the Horticulture industry since 2002. I have used it for 2 years myself and have found plants grown in Melcourt Sylvamix Natural are well developed. The compost also responds well to the addition of charged biochar which I really like using in all my long term large containers.

I hope that when you try this compost, you’ll enjoy using it. After all, there’s nothing like being able to make a good recommendation to a friend!


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