Breaking up – Getting 7 plants from 1 by splitting.

We may not be able to visit many garden shows this year, but this does give us the perfect opportunity to pot up the SIWW show plants and top them with Biochar.

Biochar makes a great weed suppressant, conserves moisture and provides an excellent nutrient boost for the plants. Here we’ve got some golden oregano, chives and perennial wallflower ‘Paintbox’. (Click on picture to enlarge). When anyone buys one of our plants it’s an excellent way of starting to get that Biochar in the ground too!




Find out more about the benefits of using Biochar as a top dressing for your plants here; Top 5 tips for preventing slug damage… 
And here Biochar information

Our Biochar is available in 50L and 25L bags. Perfect for enriching your soil this summer. Call us for more information and to order. 07958345833

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