Why Sweet Chestnut?

Sweet Chestnut is a hard wood and well known as being amazingly strong, durable and long lasting.

Chestnut Coppice is 100% sustainable.

We cut, harvest and process all our products from well managed local woodlands. The cut stools regrow vigorously, taking up far more carbon dioxide than a newly planted tree; if done well these trees can be harvested on rotation for years to come. A coppice will yield good straight poles which are turned into fencing using traditional tools and skills.

Chestnut is the ideal fencing material.

Chestnut is full of tannin (a natural preservative) and has very little sapwood, which makes it incredibly resistant to rotting.

Good value.

By using Chestnut you can be confident you are using the most suitable timber – other woods will rot long before chestnut. Cheap softwood is a false economy – the cost of mending or replacing rotten fences is high.

Coppicing is good for wildlife.

The act of cutting an area of woodland lets light in, stimulating wild flowers and creating a habitat for many of our favourite birds, butterflies and mammals.

Support the woodland industries.

Our woodlands need to be managed; by buying from us you are helping us promote the sustainable practices needed to keep woodlands healthy for the future. We train and employ the people needed to keep this industry alive.

Other fence materials.

We sell a variety of Chestnut fence materials, in the round, cleft or sawn because of its durability and resistance to rot. It is great for outside projects.

It’s a satisfying part of our job seeing the different things people make with the chestnut we provide. However we sell other wood such as larch, oak and ash to order, if we have it in stock.

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