Rails the way!

Careful precautions were taken in early May to protect the potatoes and salads with fleece against frost in my garden. If you got caught out and the frost burnt your potato leaves, the likelihood is they’ll be ok, if not a little set back. Watch for new shoots appearing under the old blackened ones.
If you lost other veg plants then we might be able to help with some replacements grown in our poly tunnel. We have potted plants ready to go in the ground now.

Gambling that the frosts have now passed led me to get creative with some old 8’ tenoned rails I had at home. Hidden under a hedge for the last 5 years they were fished out with no rotting visible.

When Sweet Chestnut is newly processed it’s a beautiful clean light gold colour. As it weathers it turns this soft fawn grey. Packed full of it’s own naturally preservative tannins means this seasoned wood is hard and durable.
And, believe me with the burgeoning weight of all those beans I’m looking forward to, I’ll be pleased of this stout support!
These rails are really made for our mortised framed post and rail fences, but if you’re playing around in the garden they’re perfect! Like so many of our other fencing components, they all have multiple uses.

Our 2-3” diameter hand-drive stakes also make great end supports for raspberry canes with wire strung between them. This would also work very well for those blackberry, tayberry loganberry types of cane fruit, or you might prefer something a little showier and fancy some trellis.
Our 3-4” half round rails, peeled or unpeeled make super durable and natural edges for raised beds, and if you wanted to try a similar approach to my bean support why not try some of our 8’ long 2-3” diameter poles.
Gardening is all about having fun so if there’s something you want to try and construct or make, go ahead and see how we might be able to help!

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