No-Dig bed update!

OK folks we have a casualty. I was concentrating too much on cabbages and this happened…

No joking – this is an African Violet of great sentimental value. It used to belong to a lady, now passed away, who I used to garden for and became very fond of. I am sure many of us have special plants that could tell a story or two.

It goes to show that when we are putting all our effort into one aspect of our lives quite often another aspect suffers. True? Yes; I can’t be the only one.
So let’s get this feller tidied up…..That’s better! I decided to see if African violets like Biochar. They are easy to overwater and so I am going to see if the Biochar will provide the classic “moisture retentive but well drained” aspect that they so love in a growing medium.
This is probably the first African Violet in history to be given Biochar charged with donkey poo, lucky thing.



Now back to cabbages.

With lockdown restrictions easing and many of us able to return to work, it seems like a good time for a review.
Any one who has been following my lockdown gardening may remember me doing very little work to create 4 new veg beds in our lawn to improve our food security and quality (see here for full details). It was early April when I set these beds out no-dig, and incorporated Biochar. I am really pleased with how the project has gone and we currently have 23 different types of veg growing. If you haven’t tried it I would really encourage you to give it a go. It’s been a quick turnaround; and good for body and mind before I’ve even eaten anything!

Beetroot ‘Boltardy’, Kale ‘Nero Di Toscana’ and Cabbage ‘Greyhound’

With the British public’s assault on the seed companies it seems that indeed many of you have been doing the same as myself.
And now we are getting excited about returning to something near ‘normal’, I would urge that we don’t all get caught up in our old lives.
Don’t let the seed you planted go to waste. Keep growing, keep giving excess to friends, and keep healthy.

Best wishes to All

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