Stakes, Posts, Poles and Agricultural Fencing

Chestnut stakes, poles and posts are well known as being naturally durable and long lasting. We supply thousands to happy customers from large estates and public bodies, to farmers, smallholders and gardeners. Available singly or by the lorry load, a chestnut stake, post or pole will last for years without needing treating with chemical preservatives.

Cleft stakes

6ft mixed cleft stakes, ready to go

6′ x mixed cleft stakes (approx 4″-5″ diameter)

Unpeeled £2.75 (incl. VAT £3.30), discount available over 300
Peeled £4.00 (incl. VAT £4.80)

7′ x 5-6″ diameter straining posts

Unpeeled £7.50 (incl. VAT £9)
Peeled £10.34 (incl. VAT £12.41)

7′ x 4 – 5″ diameter struts

Unpeeled £5.00 (incl. Vat £6.00)
Peeled £6.88 (incl. Vat £8.26)


A selection of poles

We can supply stakes, poles and posts for you in various lengths and diameters, peeled, unpeeled or pointed –  if we can do it, we will. Because of constantly changing extraction costs and price of timber the price of our poles varies. Please contact us direct to discuss your needs and we will be able to give you a full quote.

Mortised Post and Rail

Cleft Chestnut post and rail fencing has been used for centuries because of its durability and strength. We make 2 grades;
The Agricultural fence uses chunky posts and rails and the bark is left on to give a more ‘raw’ look (and keep the costs down).

Agricultural Post and Rail

The Estate version, is peeled, dressed and chamfered to look a little smarter.

Both grades of Post and Rail are made to our usual high standard, split by hand and each mortise and tenon checked for size.

Guide prices for Agricultural grade per 2.5 metre bay supplied – contact us for detailed costings.

2 rail = £38.50 ex vat
3 rail = £49.50 ex vat
4 rail = £60.50  ex vat

Tree Guards

From nail framed post and rail through to picket or paling styles we can help design your tree guards – contact us for more details.



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