Rustic Picket Fencing

hipkins-closeupCleft picket fencing is a joy to make, practical and good looking. The components are cleft and shaped to fit together neatly, using traditional tools and techniques.

Picket fencing is available in ‘kits’ comprising posts, rails and pickets, or we can come and install the fence for you. We can also supply pre-made panels and fixings. (Contact us for more information and prices). The prices below should give a good estimate for our standard fencing. We can make the pickets with closer spacings, different heights, wider pickets and various patterns. Contact us to discuss your requirements or to order your fencing.

The pickets can come with a more traditional, mortised (see close-up, right) post and rail frame. Or a lighter nailed version. All the components are hand made from coppiced sweet chestnut.

Mortised frame picket fencing per 2.3 metre bay from:

Oak fence

Mortise framed with wide pickets

3′ high = £72 ex vat
3′ 6″ high = £84.70 ex vat
4′ high = £90.20 ex vat


Nailed frame picket fencing per 1.8 metre bay from:

3′ high = £38.50 ex vat
3′ 6″ high = £42.35 ex vat
4′ high = £46.20 ex vat

If you let us have the dimensions of your fence we can calculate the number of end and corner posts you will need. For other heights please contact us.

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