We always have cheap firewood…

When we make our sturdy and strong chestnut stakes off-cuts  result from the pointing process.  This means that they are roughly triangular in shape, so we call them stake triangles and they make excellent cheap firewood.

They burn really well and come in variable sizes ranging from 32cm – 44cm long and are about 10cm wide and 7cm deep. They may still be a little green, but they won’t take long to season. Chestnut can tend to spit a little, so it’s far better burnt in a burner.  If you have an open fire or glamping / fire pit make sure you have your fire guard in place and you are good to go.

Stake triangles come in ‘dumpy bags’ which equate to 0.6 metre cubed and measure 90 X 85cm square. We sell these bags for £20 with a deposit of £4 for the dumpy bag.  Bring the bag back when its empty and take your next bag for £20! VAT is included in the price.
They are available to collect from our yard at The Grainstore, Canon Frome, HR8 2TE.
We can also deliver a truckload to you (2.5 cubic metres), for £60 plus vat. Free delivery within 10 miles.
We always have a good supply of stake triangles so give us a call on 07958 345833.  Come and pick up your fire wood and browse our other hand crafted cleft chestnut gates and fencing.

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