We specialise in cleft Chestnut fencing and are very proud of the quality of the products we make.

You can buy the materials and components to make your own fence or we can design, supply and install your fence for you. Below are a few examples of the fencing and other products we make. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss a project.

We sell most fencing by the bay or section, if you give us the distance you need to fence we can work out the amount of bays needed.

Stakes, Posts, Poles and Agricultural

These are normally kept in stock, from a single stake to bulk orders …..

Cleft Post and Rail

Cleft, Mortised Post and Rail

A superior, strong and traditional fence with the rails fitted through half round posts.

 Rustic Picket Fencing

The pickets can come with a more traditional, mortised post and rail frame. Or a lighter nailed version. All the components are hand made from coppiced sweet chestnut.

Gates and Hurdles

From pretty wicket gates to chunkier ones…..

Chestnut Paling

Chestnut Paling Fencing

 Paling has endless uses, keeping animals in or humans out, temporary or permanent.



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