Benches and Tables

Chairs, benches and picnic tables can really add the wow factor to your outdoor space. We can make any furniture to your requirements and budget. Below are some examples and guide prices:

These tables and benches can be made from Oak, Western Red Cedar, Chestnut or Larch. This set can easily seat 8, and would cost £900 plus vat.Bench set

Picnic table – this one is made from durable and attractive red cedar, and is very sturdy. £500 plus vat.Garden picnic table

Western Red Cedar ‘S’ table and benches – original and sociable seating – add as many benches as you like. Sold as sets or separately. This was commissioned by Wellington Heath as part of their community garden project.S Bench

Cleft Chestnut garden bench. From £350 plus vat.

Garden bench

Rustic log bench, made in situ. Prices depend on size and location.

Rustic log bench

Cleft chestnut bench / table. From £150 plus vat

Cleft bench

Portable bench / table. From £40 plus vat

Portable bench


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