Your project is important to us, and we like to take the time to get it right.
Give us a call, drop us an email, or visit the yard and we can discuss your job. We can usually give you a quotation by email, and will need some details to do this. Have a think about what your fence is for (dogs or livestock for example), and how you want it to look. Any pictures, sketches or reference material will be handy. We will also need to know the dimensions of the fence and if there any corners or returns. Don’t worry; we have lots of experience to guide you through this process.

Once you have decided you are happy with the project and the quotation, give us the go ahead and we will put it on the list to be made for you. Some products (such as stakes and firewood) may be in stock, but usually there will be a wait, you will be advised on the waiting time along with the quote. This is because, to be fair to everyone, we operate a first come first served system; the jobs go on a list and we work through them. Making high quality products can’t be rushed and we believe it is worth taking the time to make them properly. Feel free to contact us for a progress report at any time, you may even be able to come to the yard and watch some of it being made.
Once your order is ready we will ask for payment (or on completion of work if we are fitting it).

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