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We have logs and cordwood available, harvested from local woods sustainably managed by us.
We can deliver to your doorstep or you can visit to view, select or collect!

Log loads -  Seasoned Hardwood, Barn Stored
Logs for woodburners per cubic metre, delivered* £80
Logs for woodburners per 2.5 cubic metres, delivered* £180
Logs for open fires per cubic metre, delivered* £90
Logs for open fires per 2.5 cubic metres, delivered* £205
Kindling by the net £3.50

* Free local delivery within 10 miles

Nets of logs always in stock.

Contact us for further details of cordwood prices or to make on order.....

Feel free to come and view or discuss our firewood products at

Leighton Court, Much Cowarne, HR8 2UN
Open Tuesday -  Thursday, 9am - 5pm, Mondays and Fridays by appointment.

All prices include VAT at domestic fuel rate.


Seasoned hardwood barn stored logs