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Gates and hurdles

We love making hardwood gates, they are an important feature of a fence. All are made to order, cleft or sawn, give us the dimensions and side you would like them hung when ordering. Below are some of the main styles we produce, if you have a design or existing gate pattern you would like us to make, get in touch with your specifications. All gates are supplied with fixings, and will give many years good service.  All gates will be made to hang on the right hand side when looking at the fence from the front - unless otherwise specified when ordering.

'Mordiford' Gates

Strong 5 bar gates made from cleft oak and chestnut, to a local Herefordshire pattern. They come with handmade hinges, coated in beeswax.

Prices start at £520, plus vat.

Oak and chestnut Mordiford gate

'Avenbury' Gates

Picket and pale gates made from cleft oak and chestnut, very sturdy pattern. They come with handmade hinges, coated in beeswax.

Prices start at £380, plus vat.

Rustic Avenbury gate

Sawn Oak, Red Cedar or Larch Gates

High quality sawn timber gates, made to traditional patterns. A choice of galvanised or handmade hinges.

5 bar Larch or Red Cedar gates start at £200

5 bar oak gates start at £480

Oak pale gates start at £400

all plus vat

Sawn oak, cedar or larch gate

'Harvest' Gates

Cleft Chestnut picket gates with or without a bent rail. Nail framed with rails mortised into the head and tail (uprights). 

From £180 plus vat without a rail and from £220 plus vat with a rail.


Wicket Gates

Lighter framed cleft chestnut gates, made to match paling or nailed frame fences. A cheaper alternative to the mortised frame gates, easier to hang and a good DIY option. Come with galvanised t-hinges and cabin hook. Maximum width 4ft.

Cleft wicket gates start at £80, plus vat

wicket gate web

'Patience' Gates

A slightly more classic version of the Avenbury Gate. Usually supplied with hand-forged furniture.

Patience gates start at £380, plus vat.

Rustic cleft chestnut gate

Chestnut Hurdles

Sturdy gate hurdles, made to a traditional pattern, light enough to be easily moved.  A choice of a nailed or mortised frame, good for keeping sheep in, dogs out or as a feature in the garden.

Prices depend on the dimensions.

For example a 6' x 3'6" mortised frame hurdle is £70

Or a nailed frame 6' x 3'6" hurdle is £45

Plus vat

Cleft Chestnut hurdle