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Post and Rail

Cleft Chestnut post and rail fencing.

We make mortised post and rail to a very high standard. The posts are split by hand using wedges, peeled, the edges are chamfered to give more purchase in the ground, then the tops are chamfered to run the rain off and increase the life. The rails are all peeled and dressed with tapering tenons, which are stronger than using 'shouldered tenons. We use twin mortises to fit them because this is a far stronger joint than a single by-pass mortice.

VAT is at 20%

Guide prices - per 2.5 metre bay supplied - contact us for detailed costings 

Agricultural Grade - less finished, bark left on

2 rail = £33  (incl. VAT £39.60)
3 rail = £43  (incl. VAT £51.60)
4 rail = £53  (incl. VAT £63.60)

Estate Grade - peeled and chamfered posts
and dressed rails

2 rail = £39 (incl. VAT £46.80)
3 rail = £51 (incl. VAT £61.20)
4 rail = £63 (incl. VAT £75.60)


Post and RAil