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Chestnut paling is a brilliant product, versatile with endless uses, and can be used as a permanent or temporary barrier. From keeping dogs in (or out), chickens off the garden and grandchildren away from the pond. This can be supplied as even or staggered height.

Our paling is hand-made to a very high standard on our vintage paling machine (below right is Zoe, our paling expert, at work). All the palings are split to a chunky profile, by us or our friend Ashley in Kent. Using the bigger profile palings means that the finished rolls will be stronger and last for years to come, unlike some of the 'cheap fencing' available.

Paling fence, ideal for keeping dogs out or chickens in

Below are the prices for some standard heights with3" - 4" spacings and 2 wires. VAT is at 20%. For prices for different heights please contact us.

For 2" - 3" spacing paling add 20%

For 3 wire paling add £6

3' x 10 yard (9.1m) = £45 (incl. VAT £54)

3'6" x 10 yard = £49 (incl. VAT £58.80)

4' x 10 yard = £52 (incl. VAT £62.40)


 Zoe, our paling expert, making paling fencing